Spray Foam Polyurethane (SPF) Insulation Savings

Spray Foam Polyurethane (SPF) insulation use allows for flexibility of building design, reducing overall maintenance costs, and can extend the lifespan of the building.

70% reduction in heating/cooling expenses

-energy-efficient homes with SPF average only three cents per air-conditioning square foot.

50% reduction in HVAC tonnage requirements

-with SPF, HVACS can be downsized from one ton per 500 sq/ft of living space to one ton per 1,000 sq/ft.

Tax Credits

-Energy Star Federal Tax Credits for thermal insulation upgrades (09-10) allow for a 30% credit up to $1500.

Strong Sound Barrier

With the closed-cell foam (sometimes known as two-pound or medium density foam) has a high R-value of around seven per inch. It acts as an air and vapor barrier. Privacy has never looked this good.

Weatherproof the Home

-Highest R-value per square inch>

-Thermal insulation

-Air Sealing

-Vapor Barrier

-Crawl spaces not fully sealed can penetrate contaminated air, earth gases, mold and rodents.

Environmental Toxins

-With the house sealed, you will protect your family against outside: mold, allergens, pesticide contamination, etc.

It is recommended to check out clean air solutions in conjunction with the foam seal.



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All Star Spray Insulation & Coatings is the collaboration of Nick Streamland and Jimmy Purdy. With Spray Foam Polyurethane (SPF) insulation they offer an environmentally safe and money-saving alternative to traditional insulation. Serving all of San Luis Obispo County, the All Star team offers exceptional service to new and pre-existing buildings.